Monday, December 21, 2009

This vagabond heart

My heart wasn’t made for one.
It’s much more like a vagabond or gypsy
roaming around
seeking adventure and
stirring up trouble
never wanting to be tied down.
You tell me this is odd and
that I will regret this
years down the road,
letting my heart be free
and traveling.
You said a woman should find
a good home for her heart
and keep it there,
using words like
“safe” and “sound”
for “eternity”.
Instead I hear
boring, boring and dull.
It’s like buying a majestic kite
and tying it to a tree in your front yard
for only you to enjoy on days that
it catches the wind.
What is the point?
A kite is made to blow free
and go where the wind takes it
just like my vagabond heart.

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