Wednesday, September 29, 2010

***He took my hand and asked if I was ready and we jumped together into this wonderful life unexpected.
***He said bubbles were his favorite thing to chase because anything he had to pursue for more than 15 seconds seemed like a big waste of time. We are hoping he grows out of this before he starts dating.


There’s a hunger for joy in the pit
Of the black spots within her
Deep behind, tucked in caverns
And buried under the rubble
Of a woman that tries to hard
To make sure everyone is happy
That she lost herself
***When the house feels cold I just open bedroom doors and let the children’s laughter warm it through.


He watches
Like a spider in the dark crevice
Of an abandoned room
Leaving footprints in the dust
As he scurries towards
The ray of light that sneaks
through a broken pane
Like the love she gave
That he once basked in
Wishing he could recapture her
In his web… if only for a moment
So that he could feel alive once more.


She stands
In her princess garb
As the aisle stretches before her
With each moment it seems
To grow longer and further
She waits impatiently for her musical cue
So that she can sprint forward
Into his arms
And start their magical forever
***She refused to wear white because she didn’t want to blend but we all knew there was little to no chance of that ever happening.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The stronger I get
The weaker I grow
As our love hangs
On a delicate thread
Wavering in the wind
Afraid I cannot speak
What it is I feel
So instead I run
To escape the hurt
If I stop I may realize
I’m coming in second place
But if I run forever
The race never ends
And it’s the only way
I know to gaurantee
I do not lose.


A storm rumbles in the distance
I know it’s heading straight for us
Swallowing us up into it’s darkness
Torrential winds scatter my thoughts
And send them flying through the air
I race to recapture and organize but it’s futile
Lightning streaks through the black nite
And vaporizes my heart as it strikes repeatedly
The thunder is the worst of all
Pounding through my brain
Overrunning it with doubts and worry
Where once I had none
It beats through my ears like lies
And promises broken
I cannot silence the echo
Or escape the storm
That is upon us.