Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Street lamp

Pulsing light
Like a fading fire fly
Broken glass upon the street
It crunches under my feet
As I search for direction in the dark
I no longer know from which way I came
Or where this sidewalk leads
I listen to the whispering wind
But it speaks in tongues I do not comprehend
I find it easier to dance with the rhythm
Than try to decipher it’s cryptic verbs
It carries me like a raging river
Into the fields of black and calm.


This cold seat feels like a cement tomb
As I sit in the back
Each bump jostling my mind
Making me question my resolution
Is this the ride of freedom I proclaim?
Or a slow escape from the mundane?
It’s hard to see where I’m going
Through mud splattered windows
That fog with the breath of strangers
With each stop and fugitive that boards
I doubt this vessel can leave town fast enough
For me to escape my love for you

A vow

Tracing my ring finger
To the emptiness
In the palm of my hand
Trying to hold love
Like a snowflake
Beautiful and fleeting
You have melted away
From all that we promised
And I’m still here
And trying to hold a vow
To you and our forever

Friday, January 21, 2011


Emotions mixed
In my internal blender
Blades whirling so quickly
I fear smoke might flow from my ears
I can’t find the power button
No way to stop
This tsunami of feelings
Inside me
Whizzing with worry
Trying to trust
Longing for love
Like we used to share

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I look for you

I look for you
In the faces of children
The floating clouds
In a bowl of soup
I’ve long since memorized
All the pictures
And embedded our memories
Into my heart and mind
Now I must find a glimpse of you
In the everyday things
That bring me joy
And a sweet surprise
When they rush you to my mind
And offer me a smile
It makes missing you seem
Less like a stolen piece of me
And more like a treasure hunt.


Every so often
I sprinkle him
Like pepper
Onto my world
When boredom knocks
And I need
A familiar taste
on my tongue.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

***Pretty sure I could teach advance classes on how to not keep the man you love if they ever begin to offer that for college credit.
***Feels like we love in a dark room and each day I’m developing more secrets to uncover.


I peep
Through the keyhole
Into my heart
Wondering why
I cannot unlock it
Wishing I could share
The love that hides in there
Then I remember
And know it’s better
Kept safe and sound
So as not to be
Shattered again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


She settles
Like a brick into sand
Because she’s tired of looking
And standing alone
And this feels like it will hold her
For now

Friday, January 7, 2011


In a world that’s shaken
Covered in dust
In a room that’s dark
Feeling with feeble fingers
In empty space
As I crawl across the floor
Praying I can find the door
And the warmth of the light
Before another tremor strikes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The countdown
To new beginnings
Whirls around me
In a storm of confetti
And horns
I watch happiness leap
Couple to couple
And decide my kiss is best
Spent on what I hold
Cold in a glass
It will not ask me uncomfortable
Questions in the morning
Will not expect me
To give up who I have
Worked so hard to become
It seems a fair trade
Even though
It cannot love me back.