Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Your face is a giant marshmallow
I could roast it on a stick like a smore
The goo would paste my fingers together
in a silent mockery
as the charred flesh
burns my tongue and asphyxiates me.
I see you melt away.
You taste like the flames that scorch you
but I could never harm you.
Remember our younger days?
The fun we had together
and oh the evil tricks we played
on everyone around us.
I wish that this was just
another one of those games.
Mother always said we must be good
and not tempt the sharp edge of recklessness
or it would come back to bite us in the end.
I have been bitten and now a piece of me is missing.
We should have listened.
We were as captive as renegade snowflakes
drifting through the world,
slaying dragons and saving kittens.
But I could not always protect you, brother.
The hardest lesson I’ve ever learned is now.
The marshmallow lies peacefully
on a satin blanket
his face so pale, so swollen.
Tomorrow and ever after I shall journey alone.


When I was a girl
I dwelled in a world
of princes, white horses and gold
I lived so it seemed
in a world full of dreams
and the stories my mother once told.
There were diamonds and lace
such a magical place
that I tried to recapture in years
but those stories were void
no pain, only joy
and the princess I played cried real tears.
The men that you meet
aren't always so sweet
although charming sometimes for awhile
but you better beware,
yes, watch them with care
for intentions based deeper than smiles.
Sometimes gold turns to dust
like honor and trust
and you find that you're left all alone
once love has been planted
then taken for granted
you regret the seeds you have sewn.


She runs, steady
Like a train slicing through the night
With a single light
And a lonely whistle
To signify her approach
Durable and plain
Feeling obsolete
Because nobody takes
The train anymore


I utter words in isolation
For no audience to retain
You cannot grasp
What I am trying to say
Your ears filled with concrete
Because you can never be wrong
My heart beats with fear
Because I am not that strong
My love for you leads me astray
I don’t want to leave
But I’m afraid
Each day a piece of me cracks even more
And I’m scared I’m to broken
To walk out the door

Friday, May 13, 2011


I drift
You don’t notice
I float
Further away
You swim
In the other direction
And then wonder
Why I add my tears
To the sea


His ego wears her
Like a garnish
On an overpriced steak
To make him feel
Complete and important
She flashes her plastic smile
Like she’s part of something grand
Oblivious to the fact
That she’s completely


Thick white fog
Embraces the night
With shadows dancing
On its curtain
Crawling over the hills
Creeping towards the light
I sit waiting
Grasping at embers
Trying to find the heat
To derail the chill
Of the fog that
Hunts to smother me.


They dance
Amidst a cornucopia
Of smiles and dreams
Against the white
And into the dark
Where two can survive
On love and hope.


They say the pain will melt away
If I just give it time
Which leads me to believe that they are full of crap
And I fear if all the pain I feel really melts
I surely will drown.


I snap
Like a twig
As morning dew
Pours from my eyes
No longer able
To withstand the wind
Or give to bend
Or try to be strong
I snap
And tumble
To the cold ground below
And lie
And broken.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wonders if the echo of our love would ever be enough to make you want to turn around and stay.


Believes on certain
days that his goal
is to dismantle
my life
and my job is simply
to outlast him.