Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I sink

I sink
Into dissipating clouds
Full of daily worries
Afraid it may give way
And I shall fall from the sky
And become a puddle of
A woman that once was
Shattered, splattered and gone
But always, before I crash
You save me
With a steady hand
a soft kiss on my brow
Lifting me up
Holding me tight
Each night while I sleep
Next to your love


You consume me
My melting mind
Throbbing heart
Burning eyes
Nothing I’ve found
Fulfills me like you
Greedy, I want to
Feed you straight
Into my blood stream
Like a fiend begging for more
I cannot get enough
Of your love
Your touch
This feeling
That overwhelms
My senses
Or lack there of
This desire
Gives me life

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

she dances

She dances in her skivies around the kitchen
Pall mall dangling from her wrinkled lips
Some mornings she wakes up lost
And other mornings she doesn’t care who she is
Or if her husband’s imaginary lover is on the couch
Or if the doll in her hands that she loves with her whole heart
Will never blink and hug her back
Sometimes when the memory goes
It takes the pain with it
And she’s free to dance the day away

In one desperate moment I heard her curse to the heavens as tears burned down her cheeks and it was amazing to see that even angels can lose their tempers some times.

I envy the willow for it’s free to weep so that it lives up to it’s name and nobody thinks less of it.

You crush and roll me like an ocean wave until I’m gasping for my last breath, then toss me to the shore, beaten, revived and somehow wanting more.


Course words between my fingers
Paper cuts bleed like my heart
Never able to speak the words
As swiftly as they flow from my pen
Holding onto letters
I will never be strong enough to send

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well before the priest asked me if I do, I knew I already did.
And this is the way I’ve always dreamt being loved completely would be.


Whispers tickle my ear
Of what a perfect day we have
Love is in the air
They say it surrounds us
As I stare out my veil
All I feel is you
Like a cool breeze
as the sun beats
Against my skin
A hand in mine
Strong and steady
Holding me at the front of a church
Leading me into our forever
Tears sting my eyes
As I look into yours and see
Our eternal love & happiness