Friday, March 19, 2010

Morning Coffee

she has always smelled
like blueberry crunch muffins
and stiff black coffee
her morning ritual
of many years
the few moments in a day
that she relaxed
before taking on the world
cleaning and carrying
everyone’s burden
on her fragile shoulders
but not today
today is gloomy
there is no coffee brewing
no muffins in the oven
for there no longer is her
the matriarch
that sculpted us
like a mosaic table
jagged edges brought together
and smoothed by her love
to make beauty and art
today we bury her
and pick up our own troubles
on the shoulders they should’ve
rested all this time
I pray she can finally find peace
And that we can keep it
Together without her.


She bobs
Like an ice cube
In her tequila elixir
Unsure whether to sink
To the bottom and give up
Or keep floating and hold
On for hope and a lifeline
Most days she would prefer
To just melt away
The most noticeable of the bunch
Yet she has become invisible
To those that surround her
They don’t take the time
Or give her a chance
They look right past her
Waiting for what they deem
Something better
To come along.

Blue Sky

I lie
Under a blue sky
Back damp from the morning dew
I breathe deep
until my head begins to spin
Wishing the clouds
In their white puffy glory
Might swirl through
The atmosphere
And onto my tongue
Dissolving like cotton candy
My words
Float from my throat
And dance on the wind
Being chased by the remnants
Of the dead dandelions
That cover the hill around me
I cry
Under a blue sky
When I think of the days
I came here with you.


I want to trial your love
Like carpet samples
Roll on it
Spill some wine
Feel it between my toes
And against my cheek
Put up some pictures
And maybe paint an accent wall
To make sure it fits me
Before I make such
A high risk and expensive decision
And lay you down
Inside my home and my heart


The hardest part is watching
Waiting for you to make your move
Knowing that I can’t force it
Or do it for you
Waiting for that switch to click
For your eyes to open
To the reality that surrounds you
That we all face for you daily
The elevator to success is out of order
You’ll have to use the stairs…
One step at a time
I will walk with you
Every step of the way
Feeling the burn
Sweat beads pouring
Down our hot pink cheeks
No matter how steep the hill
But I cannot carry you
Or drag you up to your victory
You have to want this for yourself.


You stare at me from glossy pages
Brothers wedding
Full of smiles
You looked so free
Of your darkness on that day
Surrounded by love and family
You were not alone
I want to recapture the joy
Bring back the moments
Dancing and drinking
Laughter and best wishes
Have you back in
Our circle of love
And never let you crawl out
Into the desolate hole
Where you sought solitude
We could be the light
That kept you awake for eternity
If we had the chance to
Do it all again

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I reach for you
But you’re not there
Just an empty space
We used to share
A bed so cold
I could never sleep
A love so true
I’ll always keep
Inside my heart
You are my soul
I’ll never understand
Why you had to go
Your glass still sits
Beside the bed
Tears gush like geysers
And the words we said
Beneath my pillow
I keep your shirt
I cling to it
To mend the hurt
And the void I feel
Without you here
I reach in vain
To keep you near.