Thursday, October 6, 2011


My ring should be there
But it cannot be worn
My life has been shredded, tattered and torn
I can’t wear my love
On a finger for you
After the things you have chosen to do
I woke up one morning
And lost all that I loved
And I’m finding forgiveness is just too tough
I walk like a zombie
I’m so dead inside
To know that our love and our life is a lie
Don’t tell me you’re sorry
Your words have no meaning
Just let me go so I can try to stop this bleeding
And somehow move on
And regain my life
I can no longer trust you and I can’t be your wife.

Stand strong

You can cut up your fucking victim card
We’re not running that special any longer
What you’ve done has nothing to do with his death
So stop whispering his name as if it will make me soft
And forgive what you have done to me
Out of love for him
And the friendship I thought we shared
There is no amount of excuses, sickness
Or addictions that can make this okay
One second, that’s all I wanted,
For you to be accountable
Just for once
Didn’t I deserve that from you?
Hadn’t I stood strong by your side
When the rest of the world had left?
And now I find myself as the one that is alone
Because I trusted those that I loved
And thought they were of the same loyalties as I
But we are nothing alike
I will not beg and cry and plead for pity
I will not flash my vulnerabilities for love
You may not be capable
But I, I will stand strong on my own.

Dark ice

Tainted and deserted
I cannot bare to walk past the threshold
Of forgiveness
Or our house
Which you have ruined
Turned to dark ice
This could never be home again.