Monday, December 7, 2009


I had a crazy dream about you last night. It was so real and vivid I couldn’t shake it all morning. I could’ve sworn you were next to me, gliding your finger up and down my side as we lay in bed smiling at each other. The touch felt so real it gave me goosebumps. But as always, you were not there.

It shouldn’t have surprised me to hear from you this morning. You’ve always had a knack for knowing when you’re on my mind. Uncanny sometimes the way you can read me even when we’re not face to face. I’ve always said men have radar that detects when their old loves have moved on and found happiness with another man. I’m sure your radar has been going crazy lately.

I finally found him. No, he isn’t you. He’s better than you. He’s better to me. He loves me better than you could. You tell me today “I miss our times together. I miss kissing you. I miss being next to you. I miss seeing you. I just miss us.” You didn’t have to miss any of that. I didn’t do this to us. You chose it. And I chose him.

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