Tuesday, December 29, 2009


we loved to blow bubbles
as children
and dance across the yard
hand in hand
keeping out the demons
with our laughter.
it was easy then.
the popup tent was our
safe base
no one could hurt us there.
in our minds
it was an invisible fortress
no enemy could plunder.
we were family
we were friends
we were invincible.
I would give anything
to go back to my youth
with all of you by my side
blowing bubbles in the wind
chasing the dog around the yard
laughing until our sides hurt
and hiding from our parents.
we would have no responsibility
not a care in the world
except who got the biggest glass of milk
and what kind of jelly
would accompany our peanut butter sandwich
when they finally dragged us in for lunch
and you, you would still be alive,
the light in our tribe
now the dark spot on our hearts
that we cannot let go.

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