Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A rope called love

I have not forgotten,
eighteen and still holding
onto dreams you left behind.
You said I was home base
and rushed out into the night
to conquer life
and fulfill your wildest dreams.

Her, like the Berlin wall built between us,
with straw colored hair and deep emerald eyes.
You had no choice.
The straight path you walked away on,
chasing after her
without glancing back.
I have not forgotten,
twenty-six and holding
a faded letter that you wrote
to tell me goodbye.

Second thoughts,
you had none.
I saw you changing…
dimmer, smaller,
as you become lost
to my naked eye.
Your footsteps now abolished
through the changing
of the earth’s seasons
and every minute that passes.
The line between us
growing thin.
Almost invisible.
Yet hope lingers.
I am home base,
go where you will.

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