Thursday, December 10, 2009


You don’t have to pretend
this is hard on you for my sake.
Walk away now while
I still have some pride
and happy memories.
Don’t say there is no one to blame
and that we’ll always be friends
for you and I both know that
it never works out that way.
Instead, leave me,
like you had planned,
before you came tonight,
so that tomorrow I can try to move on.
Don’t look back at my tear stained face.
Looking back is always bad luck
and it’s not a good picture to have in your head.
If you do, you may feel guilt for
the heartache you caused me
and the love you threw away without a care.
I don’t want it to be as hard on you
as it is on me. At least one of us
should be happy that it turned out this way.
No, keep your hug and your kiss that
you want to desperately to deliver
just one last time.
I want to remember it the way it was…
a token of our love,
not a gesture of your goodbye.

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