Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I remember the day we spent at the orchard
On a blanket in the shade
Watching the branches sway
Under the safe fortress of those trees
No one could touch us
Or hear us
Or know
That we were hiding away
You climbed to the top
And picked me the most perfect, juicy and delicious
One you could find
Then handed it to me to enjoy for a moment
When I had finished
I knew that no other would ever do again
I had reached the peak of perfection
Now the winter has taken over
And the orchard is barren
Rotted apple carcass scattered on the ground
There is no beauty to be found
I lay on the cold earth
Under our tree
And empty of love
Like the branches above.
Wishing for anything to make you next to me
Knowing that no other would ever do.
I had reached the peak of perfection with you.

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