Monday, December 28, 2009


I’m staring at the picture
Framed and gathering dust
Along the bottom corners
Of the tractor they parked
On the church lawn
The day we buried you.
The old 4020
You loved so much
It was a part of you
A part of all of us.
To watch you and your joy
As your road the green beast
Lazily down winding country roads
To the fields that
Always called your name.
They brought you worry
And stress at times
But always
Riding that tractor
And working your farm
Brought you joy.
Hard for some to comprehend
How long day and toil
Could make someone happy
But never hard to understand
For those who knew.
It was a part of you
Like your missing hand
Your crooked smile
The freckles on your face
The love in your eyes
For farm, family and friends.

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