Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I wait…
Inches away from the mistletoe
For you to make your entrance
Hoping to be the first girl to catch you there
Tonight and for eternity.
All the sultry glances you’ve given me
Where I quickly turned away
Lunch hours spent at my desk
Drink invitations I’ve never been bold enough to accept...
This is a new year
And a new me
So I shall not slink away from my feelings
Any longer.
When you enter this party tonight
And I meet you under the mistletoe
You will be aware of all my inner desires.
I will apologize for taking so long to respond
You will say better late than never
And we shall sneak out the back door
Away from this boring office party
Off together at last.
I giggle with delight at the mere thought of
Your lips upon mine.
My skipping heart nearly beats out of my chest
When I see you walk through the door
And then it drops
Like an anchor into Arctic seas
You, holding hands with a woman,
Introducing her as your fiancé
Yet you dare to send a sweet smile and wink my way
When you realize I’m watching.
This is not the way I had hoped to start my new year
Sneaking out the back door of this office party
All by myself, again.

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