Monday, December 28, 2009


The flesh eating wind
whips white blankets
of powdery snow
across the fields
drifting from the ditches
on both sides of the highway.
You have both hands on the wheel
staring intently out the windshield.
I, in the passenger seat,
cannot bear to look at the road
before us
that is filled with so much danger.
Instead, I close my eyes
and wish with every fiber of my being
that we were back where we started…
the place it began…
where the sun shone bright and warm
and smiles covered our faces.
It was so long ago.
I open one eye and glance at you
wondering when it was
that I stopped knowing
the man by my side.
You grumble something about the tires
and continue on your path
oblivious to me
and indifferent to the subject
of if we should continue to travel together.
We ride in the car
watching the roads drift over
and watching our love drift away.

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