Monday, December 21, 2009

Love in the hood

It wasn’t a fairytale love
that we shared
nothing to write a movie about
but it was a love, nonetheless,
that was deep and true.
you see, in the hood,
your man doesn’t call you
sugar or poo-bear or princess.
his terms of endearment for me
were babe, boo, and homeskillet
and at the time
and in that place
those meant more than any
other names he could have
whispered to me in the dark
because I knew I had his heart
and he would always have my back
through rain or shine
no matter what that entailed.
life isn’t always ponies
and a pocket full of posies here
but if I needed someone
roughed up or
was short on cash
my boo
would always come through
for me.
unconditional love
is a very relative term.

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