Friday, December 18, 2009

Summer 1996

so hot
it felt like the sun
might melt
our faces off.
riding horses
through the woods
dodging majestic oaks
like they were a battlefield
full of iron clad soldiers,
their limbs like rods
that threatened to dethrone us.
but our dynamic duo
always arrived at the other side
near the creek
victorious and unscathed in this game.
we would meander through the grass
onto the rock you called
“lulu limestone”
that hung over the water
where we dipped our toes
talking of becoming
astronauts, rockstars
or the Czar of Russia,
if they ever brought that position back.
Your dreams,
never small, never ordinary,
always brilliant
in the eyes of your little sister.
I never dreamt as well as you
but I loved seeing the world
through your remarkable eyes…
so full of possibility and promise.
there was nothing that would ever
stop you from achieving greatness.
The summer you almost made me believe
that I too could be anything I wanted.
The summer that you left this earth
and me all alone.
I told everyone you were not gone.
That you merely took a rocketship
to heaven and would be back for me.
And every summer I ride here
perched upon lulu
staring at the sky
waiting for you to return to get me.

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