Monday, December 28, 2009

Open it up

I wish you had a flip-top head
So I could open it up
And peer inside
Your inner thoughts
And mind games.
I would tinker around
Like a mad scientist
Working on its greatest
I would memorize
Your happy places
And everything that
Makes you smile.
I would super glue the
Broken and shattered pieces
Of your past,
Rewire the strings
So that I could understand
What makes you tick
And make sure
That I am always on your mind.
There would be no more surprises
When you open your mouth and
No more fumbling phrases
To catch me off guard
Or rip my fragile heart apart.
I would finally know
Just how you work
And how your jumbled thoughts
Come to be.
I would fix that mind of yours
So that you were no longer confused
And make sure you see
That it’s me who
You should keep
By your side for

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