Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Isn't You

I know it sounds evil
But I’m glad that you cried
I earned those tears from you
After all the pain you’ve caused me
It’s the least that you could do
I gave you everything I had
Every little part of me I could spare
And you took them with no regard
You never gave anything back
Until I demanded that you return my heart
And finally you wanted to give me your love
A love that no longer does me any good
A love that can only bring me down
A love that was all I ever wanted
A love that now makes my stomach churn
I gave up too much for you
I gave up myself
I forgot who I was and what made me happy
I fooled myself into thinking
That you made me whole
And I won’t be that girl again
I deserve to be complete
And I need someone that loves me when they have me
Not once they lost me
I need someone that is not you.

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