Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Puppet In Your Pocket

You’re not the first to become upset at the news of my happiness
I wonder what right you think you have to act that way
When I say the words your voice deflates
like a thousand balloons being ransacked by a machine gun
it’s almost as if there is no air left in you at all
you try to mutter a quick “congratulations”
it is cold and soft and far from the sincerity and passion of your lies before
I ask you if you thought I would wait for you forever.
Was 743 chances not enough? You surely would’ve gotten in right on 744, I suppose.
You ask how I could do this to you and to us.
This has nothing to do with you because there hasn’t been an “us” in a really long time.
You tell me to give you one more night and you’ll never ask for anything from me again.
I owe you no favors and the audacity of your request makes my stomach turn.
My love was not a rain check you could wait and cash in when you felt vulnerable and lonely.
It’s so obvious that’s how you are feeling now.
That puppet in your pocket has suddenly become a real live girl
with a heart and a soul and a mind of her own.
The bad news for you is that she found someone that loves her for that.
She has given him her love in return.
With the promise of forever
And that ring on her finger is your clue
That she will never be yours again.

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