Friday, October 9, 2009

Chapter Three snippet

I looked out the window at the passing land below as we flew into a rising sun. I had forgotten how unbelievably green it was here…and flat. The landscape was dotted with farms, cornfields and small towns, rather than skyscrapers and freeways. As we began our descent into the capital city things became clearer and clearer. I couldn’t believe all the trees. I could see the dots of a softball game going on in a field below. I had to smile. I loved playing softball. I couldn’t recall the last time I had played. It was a bit depressing. A small boy pointed excitedly out the window and tugged on his mother’s arm. “Mommy, we’re home, we’re home! I missed everything.”

I thought about his statement. So far all I’ve missed while staring out this window is softball. Huh. I’m thinking that might not be a good thing. I haven’t been back in Iowa for almost 3 years and my only thoughts flying in were that I used to like softball? What about my family? My friends? Why wasn’t I nervous or scared or at the edge of my seat dying to see them? What the hell were they going to say when I drove up to the house? I probably should’ve called and told them I was coming. What if they weren’t even home?

The limo was waiting for me when I got out of the terminal. It’s a three hour drive to my hometown and I wasn’t about to try to make that behind a steering well. Plus, this trip is on Jamal and there was no need to be clipping coupons on his account. This was my non-honeymoon and he expected me to be jet-setting somewhere marvelous. I figured if I didn’t rack up some debt on this card he would be suspicious and get angrier with me. Who am I to go against his wishes? Oops, I think I had a little smudge of evil on my chin.

I took a brief nap in the back of the car and then stared at out the window, watching my former life get closer and closer. I swear there were old ghosts whipping along through the prairie grass in the ditches, dancing and taunting me in the wind as we made our way down this desolate highway. I took advantage of the bar in the back and made myself a few stiff drinks while we rolled towards Decorah.

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