Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Snow

The snow came the other day and made me think of you. The sky above was glowing so brightly it beckoned me from my slumber. I pulled back the curtains from the comfort of my bed and watched the dazzling white flakes float to the ground, with no particular purpose or place to be. They were in no hurry to land and melt away. I thought about our first winter together and how we shared a similar sentiment with the snow flakes. We were not in a rush. There was no place we would rather be than together. We had all the time in the world to float, hand in hand. A pure love, in a pure white snow. I recall how we ran outside the first time we saw the flakes begin their descent from heaven. How you loved to catch them on your tongue but they preferred to settle on those long, beautiful, dark lashes of yours. I remember chasing each other and tumbling around on the layer of cold, ending with you on top of me and a warm kiss on each of my rosy cheeks and then my lips. Once back inside the house we stripped out of our wet clothes and drank hot chocolate, talking about all the winters that were yet to come. The winters still come around here. You being gone hasn’t stopped that. Some years just seem a little bit colder now and I no longer dance in the snow with my love.

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