Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tomorrow she swears things will be different.
She won’t wake with thoughts of you wrestling her from her slumber.
There won’t be tears in her eyes each time someone says your name.
Every song she hears won’t stab like a tiny pinhole into her barely beating heart.
She will look at your picture and smile.
She will hold onto the memories and love that you shared with joy.
There will be no more what ifs and I could have’s and if only’s.
She will be grateful for every moment spent in your arms, as short as that time may have been.
She will know that your love was great and nothing can ever replace it.
But she will realize that she has to move on. That the guilt is not hers to carry.
That she did all that she could and loved you with her entire heart
And that WAS enough. That was what she could control. Nothing else.
Tomorrow she will take another step in learning how to live without you.
There will be thousands of those ahead.
Some days it will seem like an uphill battle she can never win.
But tomorrow, she will know that she can.
And someday she will be happy again because she needs to be and deserves that peace.
And that was all you ever dreamed and wanted for her.
To love and be loved.

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