Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ring

He asked what kind of ring I wanted. He said he wanted me to have the best and something that I would always love and be proud of. I knew that I could ask for anything and he would find a way to give it to me. I think the old me would’ve jumped all over that 3 carat platinum ring that was shiny and nearly offensive, but I didn’t need that from him.

I thought about the kind of man he was and how he always found a way to make me feel special and safe. How he was strong and solid and logical and beautiful. I knew I would always love and be proud of him. Spending time with him made me sparkle like the most brilliant diamond one could find. I didn’t need anything more than that. It wasn’t about the ring I wore. He had already given me a ring of happiness and love around my heart. I could feel it every minute of every day and I knew it would never get lost or stolen or tarnished. To me, that was the most priceless gift he could ever bestow upon me and all that I would ever need.

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