Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love...

I love…the way you look at me, as we lay in bed, like there is no place in the world you would rather be. The way your arms feel, tight around me, like you will never let anything bad happen to me. How you softly kiss my cheek and tell me that I’m the most beautiful woman you’ve ever met and you don’t care who sees or who is listening. How you make me laugh even when I’m having the worst of days. How you smile and share my joy when I’m having the best of days. The way you have become a part of my family and friends and love and protect them as if they were yours from the start.

I love…the feeling of your support and how you want my dreams just as bad as I do. That you don’t realize that you are the dream I've been holding out for. With every moment we spend together my heart becomes a part of yours and yours a part of mine. It took me a long time to think that I deserved someone like you. It took me a long time to trust my heart again. I will be forever grateful that you thought me worth the wait.

I love…you.

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