Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Stupid Boy

I know she said
she’d love you forever
and she meant it when she said those words
but she never realized
what you would steal
and how you’d take advantage of her
How silly of you
to think that she’d stay
after all of the lies that you spoke
how stupid she felt
the day she found out
all that you shared was a joke
You never loved her
the way that you claimed
you used her to satisfy your needs
not once did you think
about what she deserved
or the way that you made her heart bleed
Promises broken
are all that she has
when she recalls the years spent with you
you stupid boy
what did you think
that a woman like that would go do?
Yes, she found another
to love her completely
the way that you swore that you would
she’s so much happier
with him by her side
cuz he loves her much more than you could.
So please just quit calling
don’t try to break in
her heart is no longer a toy in your chest
she’s finally over you
in love with another
and her past with you is at rest.

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