Friday, January 22, 2010

This town

I can see the dim lights
against the night
dancing on the horizon
home is so close
I must face all my ghosts
tonight I cannot be frightened
this town seems too bare
without you there
I choke on my sobs at the thought
I park my car
knowing just where you are
and stumble through the darkness
the plot in the back left
is where we all wept
the day that we bid you goodbye
I sit on the ground
I can’t make a sound
I don’t want to disturb your slumber
but I can’t stop these tears
when you are so near
but not really with us any longer
I feel the wind that you blow
so that I will know
that you’re listening as I speak
I blow you a kiss
it’s nights such as this
that it’s so hard to leave you alone.

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