Thursday, January 21, 2010


I feel like a wobbly-kneed girl at summer camp again
I remember how the muscles in my body tensed
as I made the walk along the bouncing plank
the sound of my heart beating in my ears
my hands hot and sweaty dangling at my side
so no one can tell how badly they are shaking
the vast pool of possibilities and wonderment
lies, placid, so far below me
I wonder how big of a splash I will make
how long the waves will ripple
if this will be my finest move ever
I know not whether to pry my eyes open
so I can enjoy every second of what’s to come
or shut them tightly and jump
enjoying the unknown adventure of it all…
the music jolts me back to reality
as the double doors swing open
I don’t notice the faces of all that watch me
all I see is you at the end of the aisle
and I take each step with a smile
my eyes wide open and filled with happy tears
so that I don’t miss a solitary moment
of starting our life
jumping in together
as husband and wife.

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