Thursday, January 14, 2010

My turn

It’s not as easy as you would think
to ignore her and her snide remarks,
eyes flashing daggers
and the past that you shared.
She’s right when she says
she knows you better.
We are but a fraction of
the time you spent with her
but that doesn’t mean
I love you any less than she.
You’ve been done for years
but it’s obvious she doesn’t
want to let you go completely.
So that leaves me where?
Dealing with a deranged ex-wife
that will do anything to see us fail,
facing her at holidays,
being compared to her by your family,
and watching her put the kids in
the middle…just to hurt you.
Some days I wonder if it’s worth it
the pain and suffering she causes you
because you chose to be with me.
How can I sit idly by, as this
soap opera unfolds,
knowing it is all my fault?
I wonder if it would be easier
if I would just bow out.
But then I look in your eyes
and know that I love you
too much to let you go
and that we deserve to
be happy and together.
She had her chance.
Now it’s my turn to love you
the right way.

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