Tuesday, January 19, 2010


He was her love of 50 years. I can’t fathom that kind of loss. My attention span is short to say the least and I don’t feel like I’ve ever loved anything for more than a few days. I wonder if that was what caused the empty ache inside my chest some times. I watched my grandmother at his funeral…smiling. Thanking people for their comfort and care. When she was the one in the deepest pain, she spent the day assuring others he was happier now and in a better place. She was making them feel better about her loss. It wasn’t until that night I heard her sobbing in her arm chair. I made my way to her side and asked how she would survive. How she would get up tomorrow knowing he was not there to share their morning coffee. How she would sleep at night without him snoring by her side. How she was not angry that he was gone. She said she would just put on her big girl panties and get by until they could be together again. And as always, I am amazed by her strength and wisdom.

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