Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take it out on me

Take it out on me
I am strong
and wild
and free.
a terrible person
just like my mother
you said.
if it makes you feel good,
belittle me
call me satan’s spawn
push away your family
can you feel it?
love and devotion
bending and breaking
no sympathy for you
any longer
you are, to most, a lost cause.
sick they say,
and I am too…
sick of your
cruelty, hatred,
egotism, self-righteousness.
you are no better than I
your eldest granddaughter
who once loved you
respected you
honored you…
no longer.
I see now
through wiser eyes
the more you try to hide your faults
the more apparent they become.
keep on pushing,
I dare you
then who will you push
when you’re all alone?
a sad, deranged man
who thinks he has the answers to it all.
how will it feel when you realize
nothing really matters
when there is no one left
to mourn your death
or your life?
no love
no one.
if you must,
take it out on me.

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