Thursday, January 21, 2010


I see you in the frozen foods aisle
And freeze like the peas next to me
I know not whether to turn and run
Or waltz past you without a care
Before I can decide you spot me
You wave and smile, making your way
Towards me with your cart
I envision playing a game of chicken
Throttling towards you
Using my cart as a dangerous weapon
And knocking you out cold
Like the love we once shared
It seems fitting in this aisle
You tell me I look great
I say I know
It’s the only response I can think of
I will not lie and tell you that you do too
You look tired and worn
I guess life and karma has caught up with you
You chat like we’re old friends
I stare at you, dumbfounded,
Wondering if you forgot the pain
And torture you showered on me
How you impaled my heart with your lies
Deflated my dreams with your deafening tone
And left me to rot alone with the memories
And ‘what if’s’ that I clung to so tightly
You say we should get a beer sometime
That it’s been great catching up
And you miss the laughs we used to share
I tell you that I’d rather get ran over
By an eighteen wheeler with iron spiked tires
That is engulfed in flames
Than to ever share another moment with you again
Then turn and walk away forever.

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