Monday, February 1, 2010


I know I shouldn’t dial those 10 numbers
I can’t help this ache to call you
it seems etched in every fabric of my being
and overtakes my fingers
like a poltergeist from beyond
I want to hear your voice
see your smile
have you laugh at my dramatics
and tell me that everything will be alright
like you always have
promising it will all work out in the end
but this seems to be the end
and it has not worked out at all
like we had planned
I don’t know how
to sit idly by
and watch my life and things I love
slip through my fingers
like wet noodles on an icy grid
the harder I grasp
the further away it all
seems to slide
so I stop…
holding my breath
frozen with fear
praying that you will pick up
and soon be near
but like all other things
you too have slipped away.

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