Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think about you differently now
nothing but a bad habit I used to overindulge in
I can’t think of you as a lost love
or a great adventure
or anything that casts you in a positive light
you were nothing positive
you were a lesson I should’ve
never had to learn
you were a drug that took years
to break free of
I was an experiment to you…
you the mad scientist
that turned me inside out
and rewired everything good and true
that once resided inside me
I became your Frankenstein
ready at your beck and call
unable to walk away from my master
or think or do for myself
until one day
he broke in and saw me captive
and fought like hell to free me
and I almost destroyed him in the process
as he tried to save me from you.
So don’t you dare ask if I miss you
or if I’m sure that he is the one.
My 12 step program from you is complete
and I will never live under that oppression again
I have found my angel and love
or rather, he found me.

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