Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day

it's not the same today
years spent together
there's a void in our hearts
no more giggles in the basement
bouncing off the muraled walls
i always thought that scene was so funny
i would give anything to be eating
oatmeal cake at the long table
drinking kool-aid out of the orange thermos
and being together again
whispering stories
and watching those around us
wonder what we were up to
playing softball in the yard
grandpa running bases in his cowboy boots
rocking on the front porch
sitting on the back deck
watching aunts and cousins and uncles mingle
pictures by the grove
the shiny globe in the middle of the flowers
reflecting love and family
unless of course
some child nails it with a baseball bat
memories i will always cherish
of the once glorious holiday we
all spent together every year
it could never be same
without his smile there
to welcome us at the door
i cried today because
my heart aches
for i miss him
and our day
and the way
they brought us all together
every mothers day.

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