Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just my tears

I breathe rapid and shallow
As I watch you
Through rain drop streaked glass
Or is that just my tears?
Hard to tell on a dark day like this
Words fall in whispers
Cascading off my lips
They will never reach your ears
Or is that just my tears?
My heart thumps in a hollow cavity
Isolated from any part of me that isn’t numb
Pieces of me splatter on the ground
Or is that just my tears?
I cling to the steering wheel
Like the illusion of us being happy
And dreams evaporate around me
Or is that just my tears?
I remember the day
I told you your love was ruining me
And you had to let me go
We cried as our hearts broke
Or was that just my tears, my love?
My heart torn apart?
You smile like we never were
And watching you
all I have left are just my tears.

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